Certificate of Freedom to Marry

Certificates of freedom to marry are required for individuals preparing to enter into the sacrament of marriage. Orthodox Christians who are not regular parishioners of a local parish may be asked to produce this certificate from their home parish as proof of non impediment. If you are requesting such a certificate, please be prepared to show a copy of your baptismal certificate as well as a notarized statement from two individuals, who are not related to you, verifying that you are not currently married.


Μελλόνυμφοι ἢ ὁποῖοι πρόκειται νὰ εἰσέλθουν εἰς τὸ μυστήριον τοῦ γάμου σὲ ἐνορία ὅπου δὲν ἐκκλησιάζονται τακτικῶς, ζητοῦνται νὰ προσκομίσουν πιστοποιητικὸν ἀγαμίας (ἐλευθερογαμίας) ἀπὸ τὴν ἐνορία τους, βεβαιώνοντας ὅτι δὲν ὑπάρχει κώλυμα εἰς τὸ ἔλθουν εἰς γάμου κοινωνίαν. Οἱ αἰτοῦντες πρέπει νὰ παρουσιάσουν πιστοποιητικὸ βαπτίσεως καθὼς καὶ ὑπεύθυνη δήλωση ἀπὸ δύο μὴ συγγενικὰ πρόσωπά ποὺ νὰ βεβαιώνει ὅτι εἶναι ἐλεύθεροι παντὸς γαμικοῦ δεσμοῦ.


Fill Out the Application Below to Request a Certificate of Freedom to Marry

Συμπληρώστε τὴν παρακάτω αἴτηση γιὰ χορήγηση πιστοποιητικοῦ άγαμίας.

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