After the devastating fire which plagued our church in 2017 we have been working hard to rebuild and return to the status of serving Christ and the faithful. 
In an effort to keep the faithful updated on the status of the renovation please see below photos and updates regarding the reconstruction process.

The interior ceiling.

Interior first floor prior to closing of walls.

Interior with walls being closed. (Jan. 2021)

The narthex.

The beautiful stained glass windows, which are being held in storage, depicting all the original saints will be in place very soon.
Before the scaffolding is removed the iconography, by renowned Byzantine iconographer Yiannis Frazis, depicting the Pantocrator, the Platitera, the Resurrection, the Ascension, and Pentecost will be in place. See below the actual images of the iconography which will be placed on the ceiling and on the far altar wall respectively. 

The Pantocrator and the four Evangelists.

The Platitera enthroned (is over ten feet in height) will be accompanied by two large angels on each side.

The closing of the church ceiling. (Feb. 2021)

The closing of the walls, front church (March, 2021)

The rear upper level (March 2021)

The balcony view from the main church (March 2021)

March 2021 Update

The interior of the church; ceiling, balcony, 1st floor and basement walls have all been closed and are awaiting painting. The stained glass windows are scheduled to be installed on March 17 with a lead time of two weeks. The ceiling iconography consisting of the Pantocrator, Platitera, Resurrection, Ascension and Pentecost will be in place by the end of March at which point the scaffolding will be removed. 

Painting of the ceiling has begun (March 10, 2021)

Additional images of the nearly completed iconography. “The Ascension”, which will be placed on the arched ceiling above the altar.

“The Resurrection”


Update March 16, 2021

The installation of the original stained glass windows has begun, slightly ahead of schedule. All of the windows depicting the saints are being installed in their respective positions (as they were before the fire).

First look at the initial iconography (March 24, 2021)

Additional images of the iconography including the Pantocrator (March 26, 2021)

A close-up image of the Platitera


The area between the stained glass windows on the upper floor is adorned with column-like iconography

(April 8, 2021 Update) The scaffolding in the interior of the church has been completely removed, the next step is the restoration of the terrazzo floor. (View from the balcony)

The balcony (or choir loft) on the upper level which will contain pews for additional seating.

View from the ground level (main church) after the removal of the scaffolding. 

The “Platitera” lit with special lighting which can be adjusted to accommodate the given service; blue, green, red, purple, amber…

The “templo” or “iconostasis” which will separate the altar from the main church. Seen here in the warehouse where it was manufactured in Greece, it will arrive and be installed by mid July.

The templo (iconostasis) and all the woodwork are being installed as are the pews.


In order to achieve and maintain the traditional appearance of the church prior to the fire it has been our intention from day one to attempt to keep or replicate as best as possible the original element (the look and feel). Therefore, the beautiful terrazzo floor, which has been part of the church’s interior for so many decades, after careful cleaning and very minor repair will be kept intact. 
The wood work for the interior of the church including the iconostasi, bishop’s throne, chanter’s stand, pulpit as well as the pews have been completed and are awaiting shipment.
As always with matters of this form it is very difficult to set an exact date for completion. However, given the current conditions and circumstances, with God’s help, the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros and your prayers, the intended opening to resume services is scheduled for early summer 2021. An exact date will follow.
Please check back often, this section is updated 2-3 times per week.